Creative Catalyst

An interactive, immersive and nostalgic exhibit that brought out the kid in everyone. This installation used play as a tool for generating critical, serendipitous conversations across vastly different professional discplines.


Design an experience that brings together artists and academics in conversation about city building.

This interactive installation attempted to act as a social mechanism for creative and collaborative interactions amongst artists and policy makers. The symposium had a key focus on the connections, systems and future of our city, so the overall exhibit asked participants: What Can Art Do For You?

'Critical Play' emerged as a core concept as a result of the design process. The conversations that occur in serendipitous moments of play were weaved into various aspects of the installation: digital sketching, playing with string, and interacting with clothes pins all form experiences that attempt to 'free' the mind surrounding more serious conversations. The intertwining of analog and digital experiences spoke to nostalgic moments that reminded participants of this type of play, in addition to speaking to the role of art in city building.

I acted as one of the lead designers, alongside Madeleine Co, for this exhibition and installation, overlooking both physical and digital design.

  • Category: Interactive Exhibition
  • Client: Creative Catalyst Symposium, Ryerson University
  • Date: June 2015
  • Team: Bodhi Collective, Madeleine Collective