Curiosity in Focus

Capturing conversations, culture, and curiosity. A bi-weekly podcast aimed at finding some order in the intellectual chaos around everyday life. Curiosity in Focus educates, inspires, and fosters curiosity on the diverse perspectives and disciplines of the world.


Design a brand identity that is interactive, adaptable, accessible, and bold. Create a graphic library that empowers the host to flexibly use the assets for social media, in his own way.

If you know Daniel Kwan, you'll know that he holds a wealth of random knowledge: ranging from gaming, to lore, to archaeology, to all things pizza. If you ever meet him, ask him for a fun fact. I dare you.

Based in Toronto, Curiosity in Focus emerged as a way to capture the conversations Daniel has when learning about and from really interesting people. Short and simply, it's a record of conversations that Daniel finds really freaking cool.

The branding is simple, bold, and interactive, allowing the host to easily use the various forms and layouts in multiple contexts/scenarios, both online and offline. It reflects the authenticity, spontaneity and storytelling that Daniel has already built, elevating the personal brand to a new visual identity. The design is intended to meld into the overall social media strategy that Daniel already has in storytelling features of various individuals. The graphic and icon help in refining the visual identity of those stories within his existing feed.

On an ongoing basis, my role as Creative Producer for Curiosity in Focus serves in directing the high-level experience and creative assets of the brand across the various channels.

  • Category: Brand Identity
  • Client: Daniel H. Kwan / Curiosity in Focus
  • Date: May 2017