Narrative Drive

Storytelling as a Vehicle for Empathetic, Emergent Real-World Connections. Creating a brand identity for a Toronto-based creative collective


Create a visual and graphic identity for media production and transmedia storytelling agency, Narrative Drive.

Narrative Drive is an award-winning collective of visual storytellers focused on telling the stories that matter. N+D builds experiences that change people and that bring audiences closer to the story using a wide spectrum of media, including photo, film, Augmented Reality, and other emerging mobile, participatory narrative installations.

I designed the logo and brand identity for the collective as an extension of their mission to connect people with stories. The design allows the logo to truly transform to each project, adding a personalized touch to every project. Just as the collective adapts a story to a medium, the identity shifts to express the story visually.

  • Category: Brand Identity
  • Client: Narrative Drive
  • Date: September 2016