Future of Movies & Entertainment
What are kids looking for in a future movie theatre experience?
We found it had nothing to do with movies.

Project Details

  • Date: September 2016, November 2018
  • Client: Cineplex Entertainment / Playdium

We partnered with Cineplex Entertainment to collaborate with Gen Z youth on imagining the future of entertainment, with the movie theatre as the launching point. The result? It had nothing to do with movies. They care about entertainment offerings that are relevant to their day-to-day social lives, go beyond what they can get on Netflix, and that will be a home away from home—all anchored around scalability, exclusivity, and shareability.

Workshop 1: Reinventing the Theatre

What happens when you put 40 young and creative teenagers into a movie theatre for 6 hours, loaded with popcorn and pizza, and all the design tools and mentorship they could ask for? Their mission: to create the ultimate in-theatre experience of the future.

Studio Bud worked closely with Cineplex's Research & Marketing teams to better understand their Gen Z audience, and engaged a local high school to align research endeavours with educational opportunities in the real world. The workshop was aligned to Toronto District School Board curriculum for Communications Technology, and designed to ignite blue-sky thinking—allowing the kids to imagine to the ends of their creativity without constraints. Simply, we allowed teens to ideate with no boundaries, in order to see what an unfiltered view of the theatre may look like.

Five unique ideas were generated by the end of the workshop, after which the Studio Bud team worked with Cineplex to extract key insights that informed each idea.

"Talking about what teens might want is one thing. Watching them design their own experiences and talking to them directly about it is a whole other level of depth and insight. Extremely valuable exercise."

Darren Solomon, VP Marketing, Cineplex Entertainment

Workshop 1

Workshop 1

Workshop 2: How to Live Like Me

Two years later, Cineplex re-engaged Studio Bud as part of the development of a Marketing Communications Plan for the re-launch of Playdium in 2019. In order to best reach their young Gen Z audience (ages 10-14), Cineplex’s goal was to identify key insights into how, what, and when they should communicate with Gen Z through the Playdium marketing channels. The output of this project led to the development of their content calendar.

We designed a design thinking workshop that was framed as creating a guide to their lives, teaching a hypothetical new alien how to 'live like me'. What are your everyday carries in your bottomless backpack? What accounts are must-follows on your social media channels? For your end-of-year party, what does it look like and who do you invite?