Toronto International Film Festival - Year-Round Attraction
How might Toronto's most prominent film festival build offerings that keep visitors coming back all year round?

Project Details

  • Date: July - November 2018
  • Client: Toronto International Film Festival / TIFF Bell Lightbox

Step into the mind of a storyteller. Partnering with TIFF's visitor experience team, we engaged their members and staff in a series of workshops framed around the Hero's Journey, to help them understand how their space and attraction can help transform the average movie-goer into a movie-buff. We created an integrated visitor journey for their Film Lovers and Seekers, to step into the mind of the storyteller.

The Hero's Journey

Through focus groups with their Storytellers (Employees), Story Seekers (Customers), and Story Lovers (Members), we collaboratively mapped out the various moments and touchpoints and Hero (visitor) would have engaging with TIFF's platform and entering the space. While we were scoped to look at the temporary traveling exhibit space, we considered the space in the context of their overall business model and program offerings to determine how one experience leads into another, and ultimately builds on a transformational experience for our 'Hero'. The outcome of this journey mapping exercise started to establish where WOW moments would occur, and where crush space may be needed to decompress from the visitor experience for reflection.

On-Site Immersion

The Hero's Journey was used as a framework to understand the transformation a visitor would have with TIFF's programming, and where the threshold into the exhibit space would be.