About Me

I'm a designer, a strategist, and a storyteller. From a creative lens, I aim to use design to spark imagination in consideration of strategic goals and brand storytelling. Naturally, the idea of "play" has become central in my career thus far.

I currently work in entertainment design, as an Experience Designer at FORREC Ltd. There, I help with developing the look and feel of theme parks and visitor attractions. From RFID experiences to mobile apps to kinetic sculptures augmented with media displays: I design physical and digital moments that allow for people to engage with brand storytelling within these entertainment spaces, enabling people-driven story-telling and story-making. In a nutshell, I design experiences that allow guests to connect with stories — whether brand, fictional, or historical.

I'm a big believer in the power of play in unlocking innovation, and seeing problems and challenges in a different light. For this reason, I co-lead Studio Bud: a creative initiative that engages Gen Z youth in design sprint workshops. We create the space for youth to play and think with a blue-sky. I facilitate groups of youth to tackle small and large challenges out in the world in partnership with brands. I mean, who better to design with play than actual kids? We solve problems with play, while giving back to the next generation of creatives. For me, it's a win-win: I learn a lot about myself as a Designer in the process, and bring new methods for designing with play into my professional career to stay nimble, collaborative, and adaptable!

As one of my favourite TV teachers, Ms. Frizzle, always said, "Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!" Passion projects and exploring ideas outside of the confines of my career is something I actively protect and embrace. It's a perfect space for failing fast, building creative confidence, and pushing boundaries within and outside the industry "box". The Creativity Happy Hour is where I get to play with any and all ideas, and those explorations have opened my eyes to new perspectives within my personal and professional lives. From producing a podcast to designing ARG experiences to running hackathons, my side projects are wide reaching and keep me creative.